Yoga Diet And Poses For Weight Loss

Yoga Diet And Poses For Weight Loss

Do you think you’re overweight? Are you tired of your friends and relatives constantly giving you suggestions on how to shed kilos? If yes, then this post is just for you!

The healthy combination of yoga and a good diet plan can effectively help you lose from 1 to 3 kilograms per month. Wondering how yoga and diet are related? Don’t be surprised, it has been tried by several people, and the results have always been great!

Want to know more about the yoga diet and the other ways yoga can help you lose weight? Then read on!

Yoga Diet Plan For Weight Loss:

If you add the following list of foods to your diet, losing unwanted weight will be an easy task. Go through them carefully and ensure you have added all of these foods to your weight loss chart!

1. Nuts:

According to a recent study conducted at Loma Linda University in California, people who added nuts to their diet were 46% less prone to obesity than those who didn’t (1). Nuts are rich in protein as well as fiber that digest very slowly and ensure you are full for a very long time. If you compare nuts to other refined carbohydrates, you will find that nuts do not lead to a hike in your blood sugar or blood pressure levels.

However, you should be careful about the calorie intake. Stick to 20-24 almonds a day or try some peanuts and pistachios. That will help you in a great way!


2. Popcorn:

Thinking of a healthy snack? Try popcorn. It is very low in calories. But make sure it’s plain popcorn. Some of you make a big mistake by choosing butter or cheese popcorn just because popcorn is light. Please don’t do that. When you add butter or cheese to something, the calories get doubled. And when you are trying to shed some kilos, it is advisable to stay miles away from high-calorie dairy products like these. Popcorn contains only 30 calories a cup that has 4 grams of fiber in total (2).

3. Spicy Foods:

This should be good news for all “teekha” lovers! If you love spicy food, do know that it can boost your weight loss. According to Rumsey, if you add cayenne pepper while cooking, you are not only going to shed the body fat but also add great taste and flavor to your meals (3).

4. Water:

Water should be your best friend while you are trying to lose weight. There are a few times during the day when you feel hungry, and it isn’t even your meal time. What do you do then? Grab a calorie filled snack? No! Sometimes our body isn’t really all that hungry. It just wants something to be pushed down into the stomach. And this is where you can add water.

If water bores you too much, drink flavored water. You can add a dash of lemon to your bottle of water and shake a little. That should be good! Even German researchers have recently declared that your metabolic rate increases by 30% when you drink 17 ounces of water daily (4).

5. Peaches:

Looking for something that will tickle your taste buds? Try peaches. You can make a healthy salad using this at home, and it will not only taste good but also fill you up. Just add some berries and yogurt to a plate full of freshly diced peaches. Your mouth is going to be full of flavor. High fiber fruits such as apples, berries and peaches are known to fill you up (5).

6. Chicken:

You can also eat chicken or other kinds of protein such as eggs, beef, and fish. Even legumes are a good option. This will boost metabolism, help you build lean muscles and help you lose unwanted fat successfully (6)!

7. Breakfast:

One of the biggest mistakes most women make these days is skipping breakfast. Please understand that your body needs breakfast. If you miss it, you will eat double throughout the day and possibly put on a little more weight (7).

You should eat a heavy breakfast because that will give you energy, boost metabolism and lead to weight loss. You can also plan your meal from before. Have two boiled eggs and some banana sandwich with brown bread. That should do.

8. Dark Chocolate:

Like the idea of eating chocolate between meals? Here is your chance. According to Blunter, when you eat little chocolate, you save yourself from the horror of eating other foods such as pastries, cookies and ice cream (8).Unlike milk chocolate, dark chocolate happens to be low in calories. So go for dark chocolate!

9. Oats

Having whole grains and cereals is a must for weight loss programs. Oats happen to be a smart and healthy option. If you don’t like the taste of oats, you can slice a banana and add it on top of your plate of oats. You could also try berries or strawberries. They are great options too. Oats tend to be very filling and can control your appetite for a long time because of the fiber and water content (9).

10. Beans And Other Vegetables:

Add beans and pureed vegetables to your diet to lose weight. When researchers at Penn State added pureed vegetables to a single bowl of macaroni and cheese, they seemed to like the dish, and in fact ate 350 calories lesser (10).

Now that you know the kind of foods to eat in order to lose weight, how about trying out some super recipes? Read on!

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